At EnOne, we’ve seen every market, model and mistake known to humankind. Bittersweet experience building and supporting over 1000 companies tells us there is always more to learn.

With our community, events, and learning library, you can grow your business with like-minded brave souls who have chosen to live life on their terms and enrich the world through entrepreneurship and tap into our vast network and knowledge pool.

We received life-changing advice and support when it mattered. We think you should too.


Roxana Precu

I live my life to experience novelty and connect with people who inspire me, as I believe that the quality of conversations you have determines the quality of life you have. 

I am energised by “making things happen” and experimentation, so I bring this to what I do every day at EnOne.It gives me great joy to build teams and enable people around me to get the best of who they are on their projects. 

I worked for about 20 years in big corporations and led large strategy and commercial teams while working in different cities like London, Kyiv, Bucharest, Istanbul, Shanghai, and Lisbon. 

I recently got a puppy – Teddy, who took over my life, much to my friends and family’s surprise! 🙂

Conny Boersch

Dr Cornelius “Conny” Boersch is a founder of EnOne. He is an entrepreneur and investor in over 400 companies. His mission to give the next generation of entrepreneurs access to the hard-earned knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs and investors resulted in the creation of EnOne in 2020 in Zurich. With a focus on inspiration, community, and personal growth, Conny sought to create a platform that allows the next generation of entrepreneurs access to each other and his valuable and extensive network of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

Conny is the founder of Mountain Partners, Conny & Co. and Unternehmertag, a European Investment Fund (EIF) – certified super angel with a PhD from the University of Essen.

Dorina Serban

I believe a higher consciousness arises in the field where like-minded people connect, and it brings me a lot of joy and fulfilment to help create such spaces.

I am passionate about connecting people, ideas and resources. I am continuously looking for ways how we can inspire each other to become better, more successful, and live a happy life.

After spending over 15 years in local and global management roles in large corporations, I spent the last five years building networks and supporting startup entrepreneurs in their business and personal growth.

I am interested in exploring alternative methods and tools for reaching a higher state of consciousness, both personally and in business.


Saúl Zugasti

I am convinced that entrepreneurship is the birthplace of progress and innovation, and social learning is an accelerator, so a place for entrepreneurs to grow, connect and inspire is the next logical step. 

I’ve been a tech entrepreneur for the last seven years and bring tech and start-up growth strategy knowledge to the team. 

I founded two companies, Drizline and Lumston, straight after graduating from Tech De Monterrey with an engineering bachelor’s degree. 

I am a new father of a wonderful baby girl, and this is by far my biggest and most long-term project!

Laura Savu

My whole life, I have focused on permanent growth and personal and professional development; I realised that I could only do that through EnOne. 

I bring a fresh and innovative perspective, moving EnOne towards web 3.0, building relevant and strategic long-term partnerships and surpassing borders between collaborations.

Working in Romania, Switzerland, and Germany in digital marketing and partnerships, influencer marketing and social media strategy from TikTok to Coca-Cola, I felt I lived three different lives. Now all those networks I built can finally come into play. 

As a fun fact, I am (even still) a gamer girl, hence my passion for NFTs and, mostly, metaverses as well. Oh, and I love the ocean and surfing! 🙂